Dental Simulator

  • 3D interactive training system
  • Space location and 3D virtual reality technology
  • Professional training
  • Extensive database of digital dental models
  • Simple calibrating system
  • Prospective compatibility
  • Perfect and precise evaluation systems
  • Simple and effective tracking design
  • Left and right-handed compatibility
  • Light weight handpiece design
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1. 3D interactive training system

This system not only provides users a training and practice environment, but also provides instant feedback with real-time mistake warning messages. In between preparation, users can either choose to grade or verify the course session. In addition, previously worked on courses can be reviewed and evaluated.

2. Space location and 3D virtual reality technology

This system can track the movements of the dental handpieces and the simulator’s jaw. While operating the training system, the camera will pick up signals and show the exact location of the bur’s tip in relation to the tooth. This information is then shown on screen as a virtual three-dimensional image. The system provides users to work in an environment that almost identical to the reality with its accuracy of the tracking system up to 0.1mm.

3. Professional training

The system built-in a series of basic courses such as Prosthetics, Oral Dentistry, Pedodontics and Endodontics lessons. The lessons contain not only the written lecture but also actual cases teaching for students to learn.