Sieller IQ Series

The Seiler Evolution xR6 has truly revolutionized the way the dental microscope performs and operates.

The Evolution also offers a new 6 step magnification turret and a specially designed movement that was specifically engineered for the dental professional.

This movement makes the new operation of the Evolution xR6 comfortable and straightforward.

The Evolution Model comes standard with a 0-180 inclinable head as well as the dual source 50W Metal Halide light source.

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  • 3 Step Magnification Turret
  • Standard 0-180º Inclinable Binocular Head (0-220º Inclinable Head, 45º Fixed Head Available)
  • Standard Objective lens 250mm (175mm-400mm Available)
  • 10x Wide Field Eyepieces (12.5x and 16x Available)
  • Counterbalanced Pantographic Arm
  • DUAL LIGHT SOURCE: 50W Metal Halide with backup 12V 100W Halogen
  • Infinity corrected/coaxial illumination
  • Easily maneuverable optical head with tension control knobs and handles
  • Live video and digital camera options available
  • Lifetime Warranty on Optics and Mechanics