Different Types of In-Play Betting


In-play betting allows bettors to make bets during a game, instead of waiting until the end of the game. This has changed the way sports bets are conducted, as bookmakers are now able to offer more markets for bettors. There are many different types of in-play betting available, each with its own set of rules.

One type of in-play bet is a moneyline bet. Moneyline bets are simple to understand, as they simply involve choosing the winner of a game. If you win, you get the full amount of your wager back. The downside to a moneyline bet is that it is not always as profitable as an underdog.

Alternatively, there are spread and parlays. A spread is a number of points added to a team’s score, and this amount is usually a half point or more. Usually, the underdog will lose by less than the point spread. However, when the favorite wins by the same amount as the point spread, the game is considered a push. Most sports books will refund a push bet, but some will not.

Likewise, a parlay is a series of bets, usually two or more, that must be played correctly to be successful. To qualify, the winning bets must be in correct order, and the bet must be for a certain combination of teams, matches, or events. Parlays are more difficult to hit than single bets. But if you are a winning parlay bettor, you will be paid out more than you would if you were a straight bet bettor.

A teaser is a bet that allows you to win more, but at a lower price. For instance, if you choose a 6-point pleaser, you will land +600 odds for every team you choose. Similarly, a trifecta box involves picking the first three finishers in the exact order. These bets can be very lucrative when you make the right call.

Alternatively, you can also bet on the total number of points scored. For example, you can bet on how many touchdowns a team will score during a game. You can also bet on how many yellow cards a team will receive during a match. While this is not as exciting as a straight bet, it is still worth considering.

Other in-play bets are player props. With these bets, you can choose a specific player who will make the first touchdown or score the first goal. Many online sportsbooks offer these bets. They also have lower limits for these bets. Depending on your bettor’s level of expertise, it may be worthwhile to do research on these types of bets before you place your wager.

Another type of in-play bet is the pick ’em bet. This bet is most often used to predict a single game’s outcome. Rather than focusing on the overall outcome, bettors evaluate the matchups and decide which team is the most likely to win. An underdog is often an excellent choice for a bet, as they can be considered the best opportunities to win.