Types of Sports Betting


In sports betting, the total is the expected outcome of a game, usually a football game. The total may be anything from 41 points to a spread of more than two points. Regardless of how much of a point spread you choose, you’ll need to have enough money to cover the spread if you want to profit. When betting on a spread, you’ll usually want to bet on the favorite, as it is expected to win straight up. The underdog, on the other hand, is typically expected to lose. However, you can bet on either team to win by less than the projected score, or even win the game outright.

When betting on a horse race, you can make a parlay or a teaser. With parlays, you need to choose two horses in a row to win, while a teaser is a multiple team wager that adjusts the point spread to favor your selection. Other types of wagers include futures, which are bets on future events.

Another type of wager is a prop bet. In prop bets, you can wager on specific events, such as the first touchdown scored by a particular player in a game. A famous example of a prop bet is a bet on the time of the national anthem during the Super Bowl. While the listed time was two minutes and two seconds, the singer finished the anthem in one minute and 59 seconds, and the under bet won.

A parlay is a wager that combines multiple bets. When all of the bets in the parlay win, you’ll win a higher payout. The more teams you choose to put in a parlay, the greater the odds of success. However, make sure to know the rules and limitations of parlays before placing a bet.

For long-term moneymaking, unit sizing is important. You should place a unit bet of $100 or more on almost all of your bets. This is about one to five percent of your total starting bankroll. Choosing this amount is important for consistency and profitability. It also keeps you from losing your money and allows you to focus on betting only the best opportunities.

Another type of sports bets is a futures bet. Futures bets have a long time horizon. For example, you can make a bet on the outcome of the Super Bowl in January or February. However, the payout for winning such bets will be much smaller than it would be if you’d be betting on the teams’ results in the current season.

While a moneyline bet is the easiest to place, points spread bets are more complicated. The moneyline odds represent the monetary upside for the underdog team. A team with a “-” sign in front of its name is considered the underdog.